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Jammu and Kashmir Tourism

Jammu and Kashmir TourismHistory is not a thing of past in Jammu and Kashmir. It is something you find all around. Time is so frozen beautifully here in Jammu Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the oldest known tourist spots. Magnificent temples and scenic settings characterize the place. Jammu is also known for its temples. Kashmir is known by many a name. A few of them are Mughal Emperors' Dreamgarden, Emerald in the crown of India, Switzerland of Asia. Mughal King Jehangir once spoke of Kashmir as the sole paradise on earth. The lush greenery, variety of fruits and flowers, pristine lakes etc are so inspiring and absorbing. The honeymooners and naturalists frequent the place in all seasons. Someone has told aptly that a visit to Kashmir divides your life into two -before and after it.

Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Attractions

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Jammu Kashmir Tourist Information


Jammu and Kashmir is located in the northern most part of India, bordered by China and Pakistan Jammu and Kashmir consists of three regions. Foot hill plains of Jammu, Lakes and valleys of Kashmir, mountains of Ladak region.


Myth has it that once King Suryavanshi Jambu Lochan came here crossing the Tawi river, found a tiger and a deer drinking from the same tank. He erected his capital in the peaceful land and called it Jambupura. The temple of Maha Kali has been built in 1822 by Maharaja Gulab.


The weather varies so markedly at the foothill and the top Ladakh area. It grows hot during summer in the valleys and heavy snow characterizes the upper regions.

Dress Codes

As you embark in the place the unique dressing style impresses you. The men folk wear laceless shoes called gurgabi, churidar pyjamas, shalwars, and skullcaps.

The women folk dress up themselves in a variety of necklaces earrings, bangles, nose rings and colorful outfits.


The Kashmiri language is in the IndoAryan group has been influenced by Sanskrit. Urdu is the official language of the state. Kashmiri, Ladakhi, and Dogri are also languages in force in the region.


The state can be reached by trains easily. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways connect directly to Delhi, the capital of India. Srinagr is also connected Jammu by a road, from where it is possible to travel to other regions. Jammu has trains plying to Mumbai, Pune, Kanyakumari, Delhi , Calcutta and other destinations.

Time of visit

Jammu is visited better in months from October. The right time may be May to September.
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