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India is a land rich in its culture and heritage. The people of India have always cherished the concept of interacting with other cultures, thus enhancing our own culture and tradition. Due to this reason any tourist who visits India from anywhere in the world would find themselves at home due to the warm hospitality that we extends to them. As the scriptures says our land believe in "Athithi Devo Bhava", a Sanskrit verse which means treat thou guest as the God himself.
In India, tourists have a wide choice of accommodation starting from basic cottage accommodation to more expensive home stay accommodation, hostel accommodation, budget hotels and a wide list of premium hotels. The guests have a wide variety of choice, however most of the tourists these days prefer a Home stay accommodation or a hostel accommodation in India. The main reasons are that these facilities offer a much cheaper, still comfortable accommodation and they can also enjoy the privilege of getting a homely food by virtue of their choice. When many tourists who had already stayed in London hostels or california homestays, comes to India from UK, USA or any European Union Countries, they could really feel the difference and can really enjoy the facilities and the serene, calm atmosphere offered by Home stays and Hostels in India.
The accommodation facilities offered by most of the home stays and hostels in India matches with that offered in premium hotels. Here also, the guest has an ultimate choice to choose the type of accommodation he requires. There is immense number of choices to pick from. Most of the home stays and hostels provide bundled packages like stay along with food for the guests. If you are on a strict budget, then you may also go for the not so expensive home stays or hostels. In any case the major advantage is that you will get a chance to understand India, its people, culture, tradition and its cuisine in a better way, when you opt for a home stay or a hostel accommodation.
A perfect stay plays an important role in enjoying your trip. Especially when you spend more time in a country away from your place, you need a perfect comfort zone where you always feel at home, with all the homely food, care and support. Home stays and hostel accommodation in India is a perfect way to have your dream accommodation in India, when you plan for a trip in this sub continent.
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