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Goan Lakes

Destination Goa is often thought of as a string of sizzling beaches only. There are a number of lakes and springs that are away from the seashore and they let you take life in without the hem of crowds. Also you can take a dip in the fresh water.

Lakes in Goa

Mayem Lake

Mayem Lake is an artificial lake some 35 kilometers from Panjim in the middle of green hills. On the slopes of the hills are lovely cottages so inviting. You could rent out one and stay there for sometime. Boating facility can be arranged. One could move around on foot to imbibe the beauty of the glade and water.

Carambolin Lake

Carambolin Lake is just twelve kilometers from Panaji. This is a natural lake with blooming white water lilies. Karmali railway station is near by. During monsoon the vicinity is invaded by many kinds of birds. They could be seen feeding in the lake. You may be lucky to spot Purple Moorhen, Pintail Ducks, Cattle Egrets, Coots, Little Egrets, Red Rumped swallows, Cotton Pygmy Geese and many more.

Cutorim Lake

Cutorim Lake has boating facility and is maintained clean of Salvinia, the troublesome weed, by the locals. There are also a number of birds to be seen here.
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