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Goa Heritage Homes

Impressive heritage homes retain the grandeur of a bygone era. They have an unchallenged place in the heart of every visitor. Ruled by the Portuguese for over 450 years, there are plenty of mansions and homes that radiate the special architecture and ambience. They combine Portuguese and Indian style. The mansions have changed style with the changing rulers. Goa welcomes you to visit the heritage homes and have a guided tour. Perceiving the importance increasingly attached to this many restorations has been undertaken with good results.
As you visit a heritage home what may impress you is the grandeur of the blended architectural style. Each house has something special about it that makes it unique. Mostly they have been built in red laterite stone. There are world class components that do into their make: Chinese porcelain, Venetian glass and chandeliers and furniture from the locale. Written permission is required to view these items. So it is good idea to plan and prepare for the visit in anticipation.

Heritage Homes in Goa

Mascarennas Mansion

Mascarennas Mansion is near the most popular of the Goan beach- Anjuna. The mansion is noted for the architecture of the balconies and L shaped seats along the porch- all made of expensive wood. This has been built in the 10th century by Padre Pedrinho and Padre Laurence.

Siolim House

Siolim House has been restored in 1996 and is a Portuguese Era Manor.

Salvador Da Costa Mansion

Salvador Da Costa Mansion is the mansion in Loutolim that has been built in the nineteenth century. Built by Padre Pedrinho and Padre Laurence.

Solar Dos Colacos Mansion

Solar Dos Colacos Mansion, situated near the Mandovi River, offers a spectacular view of the islands of Chorao and Divar. Also many old churches can be seen from here.

Dr. Pinto De Rosario Mansion

Dr. Pinto De Rosario Mansion is situated way between Panjim and Mapusa. This mansion has furniture in the Indo Italian Style and a good collection of Chinese pottery.

Miranda Mansion

Sat Burnzam Ghor

Figueredo Mansion

Sr. Alvaro Loyola Furtado Mansion

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