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Goa Forts

One cannot avoid setting eyes on one or more of the many forts in Goa. Apart from their own impressive appearance, they offer a chance to see the sunset so charmingly.

Forts of Goa

Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada has been built by the Portuguese to ward off the Dutch and the Maratha invasions. This is situated in the North Goa in Bardez Taluka. This has been built in 1609 by the Portuguese. This is important as the oldest light house in Asia and is also the only one for never to be conquered for the 450 years of history of Portuguese rule in the region. The Portuguese ships came here for water after the long voyage from Portugal. The two hundred canons planted on the fort made this a strategic structure.

Chapora Fort in Goa

Chapora Fort in Goa has been built by Adhil Sha of Bijapur on the banks of the Chapora river. Known also as Shapur this is in ruins today. This is near the eventful Anjuna beach and the Vagator beach. The Portuguese added a red laterite bastion to this.

Reis Magos Fort

Reis Magos Fort was built 450years ago is on the northern bank of the Mandovi river.

The Gate of Saint Paul

The Gate of Saint Paul, built by the Jesuits in 1542 to impart Christianity, happened to be abandoned in 1570. In 1832 the structure was demolished by the government. Today the Arch flanked by the Corinthian pillars is attractive.

The Gate of the Palace of Adil Shah

The Gate of the Palace of Adil Shah is an impressive building with high staircases. The Portuguese Governors held their feasts here. This was demolished in 1820 and materials were taken to Panaji for construction of houses. The Brahminical style Arch with six steps leading to it remains to be seen.

The Viceroy’s Arch

The Viceroy’s Arch, one of the Arch of Fort of Adil Shah was renovated by the Portuguese. It was custom for every Portuguese Governor to come over here. This Arch was renovated in 1954 completely.

Mormugao Fort

Mormugao Fort was constructed to protect the Mormugao Port. This had five prisons, three magazines, a chapel and quarters for the guards. What remains today is the chapel and a portion of the boundary wall.

Tiracol Fort

Tiracol Fort has been the local fort taken over by the Portuguese in 1746. It was used as a station of the freedom fighters in 1961. This stands as a peaceful place that has not been commercialized. This remains retaining its natural setting to this day is worth a visit for those seeking the tranquil of mind. Constructed for the defense of Goa, near Tiracol River, is noted for the decorative turrets and the scenic view of the estuary. A tourist hotel functions in the fort.

Cabo de Rama Fort

Cabo de Rama Fort is situated in a piece of land that juts into the Colva Bay. It offers a spectacular view of the Colva beach. The easily defensible fort guarded the region for many a year during the Portuguese Rule. A couple of rusty old Portuguese canons and a chapel is to be seen yet.

Rachol Fort

Rachol Fort is on the banks of Zuari river seven kilometers off Margao. This is a laterite hillock that fiercely guarded the Christians from the Hindu and Muslim invasions. The sixteenth century structure has been painstakingly restored and functions as a theological college, Church and museum.

Goa Cabo Raj Niwas

Goa Cabo Raj Niwas was built in 1540 AD is on the opposite of Fort Aguada. This now is the official residence of the governor of Goa.
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