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Goa Festivals

Festivals in Goa

Shigmo Festival

Holi is celebrated as Shidmotsav to say farewell to winter and welcome spring. This begins with Naman or obeisant gathering of the villagers from the ninth moon day to the full moon day. They practice strict vegetarianism during these days: also avoid inebriating articles. The festival lasts a whole fortnight. This falls before the Christian Lent and the occasions is often used to make merriment for one time before getting out of it.
Shigmo Parade is an ancient Hindu religious practice that gains so much attention. These days a large crowd gathers to watch this. This is in the evening hours during the full moon in the month of Phalguna, in February or March. The parade winds through the streets of Goa on selected streets of Panjim. The processions last until the wee hours of the morning on the next day. This begins in the courtyard of the temples and go on to the tune of the beating drums and flute. Local folksongs are sung to rhythm. People also throw red powder to mark the joy of the occasion.
Two thirds of the Goans are Hindus. There are the Vaishnavites who adore the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the Shaivites who adore Lord Shiva.
Shigmoa is also a cultural exhibition. People in various villages plan tableaux for the occasion. The processions begin with brass bands reminding of the Maratha conquerors and the tribal perform the Kunbi Dance clad in golden attire. Also other forms of dances in the state and fire throwers from Kerala participate in the celebrations.
All march to the tune of the bid drums, in colorful dress matching the deities they worship. Some even enact the heroic deeds of the deities in fervor. The illuminated floats with larger than life effigies are so entrancing.

Kesarbai Kerkar Music Festival

Kesarbai Kerkar Music Festival annual event is organized in memory Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar, a renowned Hindustani singer. Well known musicians from all over India pariticpate in the musical programs. There are also classical forms of dances staged here.
Kesarbai Kerkar Music Festival is usually held at the Kala Academy complex in Campal, North Goa District, near Panajim, in the month of November. The festival has been held for the last twenty three years and is an event loved by the Goan music enthusiasts.

Goa Heritage Festival

Goa Heritage Festival, this annual event is held to preserve the intense cultural heritage of Goa. The life style and the rich heritage of Goa are displayed in the festival. This is organized in the month of November. Held near Panajim, at Campal this lasts for two days, near the heritage buildings. Awareness is created on the need to protect the built heritage of the state. A number of artists perform on the occasion. Display of ethnic dances is an invariable part of the show. Open forums and discussions are held. This event is an example of the government and the general public co-operation for the upkeep of a memorable tradition. GHAG, the Goa Heritage Action Group seeks to conserve the built heritage of Goa.

Sea Food Festival

Sea Food Festival is a five day event held annually. Goan cuisine is a blend of the western and Indian style of cooking. Every year new tastes are invented; it ensures that you are not left feeling insipid. Reputed hotels and chefs hold stalls to offer their dishes of choice. House wives also do their best with good results on the occasion. The event is something Goan seafood lovers look forward to. After the welcoming ceremony alcoholic drinks and ice creams are served. Then the unique Goan cuisine follows...

The Fontainhas Festival of Arts

The Fontainhas Festival of Arts is organized at Panajim Goa every year for four days in February, by the Goa Heritage Action Group, Goa Tourism Development Corporation, and the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa, and Department of Arts and Cultures, scintillating performance by world class musicians enliven the show. A number of painting, sculptures, puppets and other objects of art are exhibited here. Thousands of people flock to enjoy the event. One whole the event an unprecedented chance for the various artists to interact and also provides fund for the upkeep of Goan Heritage Homes.

Konkan Fruits Festival

Konkan Fruits Festival is a unique festival. A variety of fruits are showcased along with scientific seminars, interactions, eating competitions, music and gala lasting for three days held at Campal, 2 km off Panajim, Goa. The public may visit the stalls from early morning to late evening. The fruits from Konkan belt are put on sale here. Various governmental institutes as Karnataka and Konkan Vidyapeet, Directorate of Horticulture, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research participate in the event.

The fruits on display include varies kinds of mangoes including alphonso mango from Sindhu, Patna and other mango varieties from Vengurla, chikkoos. guava and other delicious fruits.

Jamun, aonla and other fruits from Konkan belt also reach here. Goans participate bringing about thirty five different kinds of mangoes and zizpus rugosa. The traditional fruit vendors of the area bring jamblam, bibbe and other kinds special to Goa.

Dressing competitions, eating competitions and carving competitions are usual part of the show. Mango eating watermelon carvings are favorite items on display. Expert advice from the governmental offices is availed these days in fruit farming, harvesting and processing etc.

Monte Music Festival

Monte Music Festival catches the attention of music lovers. This annual event combines the western music with eastern music. The program lasts four days and most musicians showcase their performance in good earnest. Venue: renovated chapel on the hill of Old Goa. Monte in Portuguese means mount. May be the name has derived in this connection. The function is organized by the Cidade de Goa and Fundacao Oriente in cooperation of Kala Academy. Usually musicians of good calibre both from the locality, national, and international level participate in the program. This combines heritage with culture.
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